How long did it take to design and build Warbird?

 The design and build time was just over 2 years.


Where did you get the radial aircraft cylinders?

 All of the aircraft engine components were provided by my good friends at Radial Engines Ltd. in Guthrie Oklahoma.


Did you build the frame as well?

 Yes I designed the frame, bent the tubing and did all the welding in house.


Who made the crankcase?

 I designed and made the casting patterns and did all the required machining in house. The casting was done by OBCO foundries in Richmond B.C. and I offer them many thanks.


Does the engine run?

Yes, the engine has been started, and did so on the first crank. The sound is very much a blend of a large radial engine and a Harley Davidson big twin, with open exhaust of course! I will be posting a video shortly. 


Is the pin-up girl nose art a decal?

 No, the artwork was done by a very talented local girl named Jennie Persak. She hand painted it with a brush no less! not an easy prospect when painting over a textured surface.

The colour was applied by an experienced aviation painter named George Kanavaros. He also painted a custom Indian motorcycle that I built that was a show winner.